Known as the Tony Hawk of Martial Arts, 7-time World Forms & Weapons Champion and former Blue Power Ranger, Mike Chat is the founder of XMA: Xtreme Martial Arts. Mr. Chat is responsible for training over 75 world champions (Taylor Lautner, Caitlin Dechelle, Matt Mullins, Craig Heningsen, Matt Emig, and others) and working with the largest tournament organization (NASKA, ISKA, and ATA)  to implement Xtreme forms and weapons rules and division categories into international competition.

Mr. Chat collaborated with NASKA and the ISKA to implement the first ever Creative and Extreme Forms and Weapons division categories into international competition in 2004 which has been part of ESPN’s telecast of the US OPEN / ISKA World Championships ever since. In 2004, Mr. Chat created the first ever XMA Tricks Battle for ESPN’s US Open / ISKA World Championships and provides the color commentary for all US OPEN/ISKA World Championships and ATA Invitational events for ESPN2 and ESPN3.

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Our primary goal is to prepare our students for life by providing the platform for learning, training and development. Whether you are a beginning white belt or seasoned elite level competitor, like on our training floor, the goals are the same – skill development and progression. One can only grow and progress so much in an isolated environment. Doing demonstrations, auditions and tournaments provides an additional platform to test and apply skills learned. First and foremost, the focus is on applying what we know for consistency which builds confidence. Students perform at XMA HQ, build confidence and eventually achieve levels of 100%. The challenge is maintaining consistency when changing the audience, environment, and purpose whether it be for competition, audition or demonstration.

For Actors: Actors only get a real chance to apply their training during live auditions or on set. The more repetition you have, the faster confidence builds and the more opportunities you have to evaluate and monitor progress. You are selected for auditions, you can’t just register, pay a fee and then get to go on auditions.  But you can pay to enter a tournament to get additional practice. You can pay for commercial and on camera workshops to get additional practice. Changing the environment and purpose is key to growth. Our goal is reach the level of being able to flip the switch and hit 100% in everything we do – anytime, anywhere.


All XMA students who know the first form XF1 v.1 are eligible to compete. All you have to do is register. We participate in open style tournaments which does not require any special membership or association dues. There is no approval process or requirements. If you have any questions please see your instructor.  If you are interested in traveling the international tournament circuit and would like more information, please see the front desk.


Tournaments are just an extension of our training floor at XMA HQ. Anyone at any age 3 yrs and up can and should participate! We already know that some of the biggest challenges in life are not ones put in front of us by others, but rather ones we create in our own minds. Life is constantly changing and we are being thrown things all the time. It’s not what we do but how we deal with life’s curve balls. We all need practice accepting change in our lives and confronting it with open arms and rolling with it. Like an actor who has one day or worse a few hours to prepare heavy dialogue for an audition or call back, you do the best you can with the time and tools you have. To not try is to miss out on an opportunity for growth. We highly recommend taking advantage of competition opportunities.

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Current Life Skill


1st LEVEL: Belief in Ourselves
2nd LEVEL: Belief in Others
3rd LEVEL: Belief in Society
4th LEVEL: Belief in the Universe

2013 Testing & Graduation Dates

  • April 26 – 27
  • June 28 – 29
  • August 30 – 31
  • October 25 – 26
  • December 20 – 21

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